A Wide Range of Business Domains

Business Area

Since its foundation in 1947, the Ryoden Group has grown on the strength of four core businesses: factory automation (FA) systems, cooling and heating systems, building systems and electronics. By fusing the technologies nurtured in these four core businesses with ICT, the Group is building six management service platforms. We are also deploying operations in two special fields (smart agriculture and healthcare). With this diverse range of business domains as its strength, the Ryoden Group is ready to offer the best solutions for the issues customers confront.

Six Management Service Platforms


As networking and automation in automobiles accelerates, development of the embedded systems and software installed in vehicles is growing in both scale and complexity. Ryoden offers solutions to support leading-edge automotive technology, including virtual environments, which vastly improve the efficiency of development; systems for evaluating the safety of automated driving; and advanced driving support systems.


Security camera systems are the heart of today’s physical security solutions. The images captured by these systems hold a prodigious volume of information on people’s behavior, the condition of machinery, product quality and much more. To enable businesses to view these vitally informative images at the right time, place and timing, and to share them with the necessary people, Ryoden provides the FlaRevo Series, an original Ryoden-brand visual-information management solution.

Communication Network

One type of long-range, wireless communication network is the long-range, wide-area network, or LoRaWAN. Ryoden uses LoRaWAN to develop a wide range of businesses. This technology’s low power consumption and signal routing performance is deployed in applications such as support networks for disaster relief activities and proving tests of labor environments and productivity in shipyards.


Ryoden offers solutions that achieve quantum leaps in operational efficiency by recognizing the movements and positions of people and things. For example, we offer ATLAS-Things, a cloud service that uses automatic-recognition technologies such as RFID and QR to record shipping and receiving of goods, and positioning systems that track the movements of people and machinery to improve work efficiency.


Security solutions that leverage security cameras and exit/entrance monitoring systems protect companies and their operations from the cyberattacks occurring relentlessly around the world. Applying knowledge cultivated in the FA-systems, building-systems and electronics businesses, Ryoden proposes security and safety solutions for the digital-transformation (DX) age.


Constant monitoring of the operational status of lighting, climate control, etc. supports customers’ energy-saving efforts. Remces is an integrated monitoring system that is “triple free”: The service is not tied to any particular manufacturer, base/terminal or design. This open network can accommodate a wide range of sensors and controllers regardless of manufacturer, so its exceptional properties are available with surprising versatility of system design.

Ryoden’s Three Strengths