State-of-the-art Technology

Ryoden serves its customers as a trading company with exceptional technological capabilities. These skills enable us to customize the products our suppliers provide so that they precisely meet each customer’s needs.

Today those needs are diversifying as never before. As a trading company positioned between supplier and customer, Ryoden has amassed an outstanding track record of providing customers with the best solutions and systems for each case.

Strengthening still further its relationships with suppliers and customers, Ryoden commits time and effort to acquiring and analyzing technical knowledge. Through measures such as assembling dedicated technical teams, Ryoden has built a foundation that can respond rapidly to industry changes in Japan and around the world.

Integrating Technologies to Create New Value

Solutions That Are One Step Ahead, Backed by Technology

Ryoden is a trading company that forecasts technology trends in each market to offer solutions a step ahead of the competition. We dispatch technical staff who can integrate the technologies held by suppliers to customers throughout Japan and elsewhere in East Asia, as well as in Southeast Asia. We also support development of software and embedded systems that enhance customers’ product-development capabilities and table proposals to boost productivity.

Ryoden’s Technical Sales

Responding to Customers from a Professional Perspective

Ryoden salespeople play a vital professional role, leading suppliers and customers in the directions that serve their interests best. For this task, maintaining close contact with both sides is vital in teasing out the detailed information hiding in subtle technical nuances. Ryoden’s large complement of sales staff capable of unearthing the true issues faced by customers, backed by assured technology, is one of the Company’s enduring strengths.

Quality Matching Service

Discovering Excellent Local Manufacturers

Ryoden seeks out excellent local manufacturers and matches them to customers who need their services. Through regular auditing and guidance of local producers, Ryoden continually maintains consistent quality.

Responding to the Next Generation of Automobiles

A Wealth of Solutions for Next Generation Automobiles

At Ryoden, we are deeply engaged in the search for solutions in next-generation automobiles. From motor controls and functional safety to graphics, semiconductor materials and development environments, Ryoden proposes comprehensive solutions in the next-generation automobile field.

Joint Research between Industry and Academia

Technical Support for Overseas Customers

To strengthen its technical support for customers overseas, Ryoden not only dispatches engineering teams but also works with universities and research facilities to stay ahead of market and technology trends. In Asia ex-Japan, Ryoden deploys solutions through its Technology Centers in Shanghai (East Asia ex-Japan) and Singapore (Southeast Asia).

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Quality Matching Service

Ryoden’s Three Strengths