Global Network

Global Presence

Since it established its affiliate in Singapore in 1990, Ryoden has established a succession of overseas bases, including in the United States, Europe, China and South Korea. Building on the customer trust and track record Ryoden has built in Japan, the Company operates in close contact with customers, suppliers and communities in each region.

Today, as globalization of markets advances, Ryoden is increasingly called to globalize further as a trading company active in all phases of operation, from design and manufacturing to purchasing and sales, embracing joint development and product supply chains. Responding to customer needs, Ryoden is pouring efforts into promoting globalization elsewhere. In Asia, which has served as the engine of the global economy for years now, Ryoden has established an East Asia ex-Japan Strategic Planning Bureau in Shanghai and a Southeast Asia Strategic Planning Bureau in Singapore. Ryoden is expanding operations by building out its network of bases, centralizing strategy with a bird’s-eye view of regional markets, and working closely with its network of bases in other regions, such as North America and Europe.

Global Network


A Hub of Information on Advanced Products, Technologies, Laws and Regulations

Ryoden’s base in Frankfurt was established in 2011.

In addition to importing and exporting semiconductor products, this German affiliate serves a vital role in gathering information useful in Ryoden’s global deployment. The affiliate provides Ryoden Group companies in numerous countries with the latest information on products, technology and laws and regulations governing environmental issues in the European Union.

Asia ex-Japan

Strategic Deployment in Cooperation with Local Partners

The East Asia ex-Japan base covers the key markets of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, while the Southeast Asia base coordinates operations in Singapore, Thailand and elsewhere in the ASEAN region, among others. Strategic Planning Bureaus established at both bases advance Ryoden’s solutions business in collaboration with local partners.


Hard-earned Trust and Presence

The strength of Ryoden lies not only in the Company’s large market share in each of its businesses but also in the trust and presence it has earned in Japan. To boost customer satisfaction, Ryoden continues to enhance its response capabilities, for example by establishing new sales offices.

North America

A Beacon of Information on Advanced Products, Technologies and Patents

Ryoden’s locations in the United States, established in California in 1999 and Georgia in 2011, each play a role in the discovery of new products and the import and export of semiconductor products. These bases also provide Ryoden Group companies in numerous countries with the latest information on products, technology, patents and other matters.

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Global Network

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