Disclosure Policy

Basic Information Disclosure Policy

Ryoden Corporation (“the Company”) will comply with regulations regarding timely disclosure such as those contained in laws and regulations including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (hereinafter referred to as “laws and regulations”), and securities listing rules established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “timely disclosure rules”) and will disclose information on this basis. In addition, even if the information does not fall under the scope of these laws and regulations and the timely disclosure rules, the Company will disclose information that is considered to have an effect on investment decisions or that is considered useful in deepening understanding of the Company in a fair and timely manner.

Method of Information Disclosure

The Company will disclose information that falls under the scope of the timely disclosure rules through the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and will promptly post the relevant information on its website to ensure its wide dissemination. In addition, even if the information does not fall under the scope of the timely disclosure rules, the Company will endeavor to convey the relevant information as fairly and widely as possible via methods including posting that information on its website.

Concerning Future Outlook

Forecasts, plans, outlooks, etc. in relation to the Company’s business outlook and other future predictions have been determined by the management of the Company to be reasonable based on information available at the time they were made. Please be aware that actual business results may differ significantly from forecasts, plans, outlooks, etc. due to changes in various factors.

Setting the Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leak of information regarding financial results and to ensure fairness, the Company will set a quiet period from the day after the date of calculation of its quarterly and full-year financial results to the date of announcement of its financial results, and will refrain from responding to inquiries or comments regarding its financial results during this period. However, this will not apply if important facts that require timely disclosure come to light within the quiet period.