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In the case of inquiries made on company holidays such as Saturdays, Sundays or national holidays, we will respond on the next business day. Further, please be aware, that depending on the content, we may not be able to answer the inquiry.

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Regarding the handling of privacy policy

With respect to private information handled in the course of its business practice, The Company shall maintain awareness of the importance of such information and shall make every effort to protect the same in accordance with the following.

Basic Policy Of The Company Regarding The Handling Of Private Information
  • As well as observing private information protection laws, The Company shall formulate its own regulations for the protection of private information and shall appoint persons responsible for the handling of such information to ensure proper management of private information.
  • With respect to directors and employees, The Company shall ensure complete awareness of procedures for protection and management of private information and shall, furthermore, ensure the appropriate handling of such information during the course of daily work.
Acquisition Of Private Information
  • Acquisition of private information shall be in accordance with applicable laws and shall be implemented in a sense of fairness. The Company shall not acquire private information by illegal means and shall, with primary emphasis placed on the customer, implement such measures as obtaining prior agreement from customers regarding the purpose of usage of such information. All relevant information regarding acquisition of private information shall be shown The Company's website.
Purpose Of Usage Of Private Information
  • Private Information Relating to Customers
    • Sending products, advertisements for products, services or events
    • Provision of product support and maintenance
    • Responses to inquiries or queries
    • Execution of contracts
    • Discussions or arrangements with customers
  • Private Information Relating to Shareholders
    • Exercise of rights and implementation of business in accordance with commercial law
    • Provision of perquisites
    • Implementation of shareholder strategies (questionnaires, etc.)
    • Shareholder management in accordance with law (Creation of shareholder data, etc.)
  • Private information relating to the directors and employees of client and other companies.
    • Contact and discussions necessary for business purposes
    • Management of customer information, processing of payments and income

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