Message from the President

Be a 未来-Creator as Your Partner

At Ryoden Corporation, we say that “truth is found at the worksite.” Ryoden desires to be a company that tackles issues in customers’ and partners’ business domains and offers solutions from a global perspective, serving customers through close-knit cooperation.

Our four core fields of operation are factory automation (FA), cooling and heating systems, elevators and escalators, and semiconductors. Today we are diversifying, launching operations in plant factories and healthcare. We are developing businesses in monitoring systems, global logistical management systems and energy management systems, leveraging information and communication technologies (ICT) such as electronic tags, camera systems and sensors. To prepare for the mobile society of the future, we are beginning to provide safety and security systems in the fields of mobility as a service (MaaS) and connected, autonomous, shared, electric (CASE) vehicles. These initiatives testify to Ryoden’s enthusiastic embrace of new fields and businesses.

The greatest driving force generating the solutions we propose to our customers is our partner network of over 2,000 companies. Backed by diverse and extensive experience and expertise, these partners devise novel ideas that give rise to innovative products, technologies and systems. Another vital strength of Ryoden is its global deployment, focusing on Asia but extending also to North America (the United States and Mexico) and Europe. While conducting sales activities in each location, we share the latest information, technologies and products through the Ryoden global network, creating a powerful engine of growth.

We cannot predict the future. But we can create it.
Ryoden is continuing to advance, committed to assisting its valued customers as a vital partner in creating a better future.