Principal Fields of Operation

At Ryoden, our customers and other partners are our strength.

Ryoden has formed a tight-knit Global Partner Network, in close contact and cooperation with partners worldwide. Leveraging the strengths of technology, specialized knowledge and information cultivated through that network, Ryoden proposes optimal solutions for the issues customers confront while building a better future for its partners.

Establishment and permeation of business models that create value for customers/ Strengthening Group consolidated earnings
Formation of the Global Partner
Promotion of global personnel development
A strengthened governance framework based on the requirements of corporate governance codes

We at Ryoden strive to establish business models that add value and drive growth in core operations, with a watchful eye on the needs of each era, to create and support a platform for business advancement. Through this platform we promote the creation of a steady stream of next-generation businesses and support them by further strengthening governance, cultivating a global workforce and supporting transformation into high-value-added operations.
Through sustainable growth and sound business practices, Ryoden pursues a role as a trusted partner to customers and communities. As a global solution provider, we are driving further advancement to contribute to the societies in which we do business.

1. Adding High Value to Existing Core Businesses

FA Systems Business
  • Deploying core technologies and assets to create new operations and business models
  • Expanding the scope of operations by advancing solutions that incorporate IoT and automation needs
Cooling & Heating
Systems Business
  • Advancing engineering-driven solution businesses
  • Strengthening the sales business for low-temperature equipment and root devices
Building Systems
  • Shifting from the elevator & escalator dealership business to a “whole-building” business model
  • Expanding net zero energy building (ZEB) operations and building management operations
Electronics Business
  • Promotion of risk hedges and prudent portfolio formation
    Operations: Expansion of handling of functional devices, modules and systems in addition to semiconductors
    Market: Expanding the scope from in-vehicle systems to the industrial and communication markets

2. Establishing Business Models for Growth Businesses and Creating Next-generation Businesses

Smart Agri-business
  • Establishing an operating base by expanding order acceptance from large-scale plant factory businesses
  • Development and commercialization of next-generation plant factory systems
Healthcare Business
  • Promotion of medical information systems and image-based facilities operations
  • Development of the healthy-longevity and health management markets in preparation for Japan’s coming super-aging society
Network Systems
  • Expansion of ICT and IoT businesses using RFID, network cameras, etc.
Safety & Security
  • Establishment of core technologies and creation of new businesses focused on safety and security
    (Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), cybersecurity, privacy protection systems)

To promote the following two approaches…

Transformation into high-value-added operations
Strengthening our business promotion platforms

…we are reinforcing the following three initiatives.

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