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New materials and parts created utilizing the development knowledge and experience cultivated by Mitsubishi Materials over many years;
these are cutting-edge products you can rely on.


Surge absorber Surge absorbers have superior surge response characteristics with a microgap technology.
Various applications for power line, communication line, and ESD
NTC Thermistor Our NTC thermistors are capable of measuring temperature very precisely due to our unique raw materials.
Broad product lineup from SMD type, leaded type, sensor type for wide-range mount-applications.
Thermistor sensors Various applications for white goods and automobiles Customizable lead-length/optional connectors.
Chip Antennas Dielectric antennas developed through the fusion of high-frequency ceramic technologies and high-frequency design technologies.
Their compact, thin profile is suitable for applications in small mobile devices and communications modules.
Automotive-related products Numerous products developed for various applications such as ECUs and car air conditioners (HVAC).

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