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Renesas Electronics Corporation

Smart to the Core
Renesas Electronics semiconductors for smart societies of the future.

Fully utilizing strengths such as high reliability and safety and security technologies cultivated through the evolution of world No. 1 share microcomputers and low-power consumption and SOC integration technologies for managing microcomputer and IT control, as well as expertise in in-vehicle and industrial-use products, Renesas combines its microcomputers, analog devices and power semiconductors, etc. to provide kit and platform solutions that are optimized for customers' products.




8-/16-bit Ultra-low-power MCUs, 32-bit CISC MCUs, 32-bit RISC MCUs & MPUs, secure MCUs, Smart Analog, etc.
Power devices Power MOSFETs, IGBTs, Thyristors, Triacs, RF / Microwave Devices, Transistors, Diodes, Optoelectronics
General-purpose ICs General-purpose Linear, General-purpose Logic
Analog and mixed-signal ICs Power Management, Driver ICs, Analog ICs for Automotive
Memory Low-power SRAM, FAST SRAM, EEPROM, LowLatency DRAM, TCAM
LSI for Automotive LSI for Information System, LSI for Car Audio
In-vehicle information terminal LSIs
LSI for Factory Automation Communication LSI w/Multi Protocol Support
Communication LSI w/PROFINET
ASIC Programmable LSI, Cell-Based ICs, Analog Masters, Analog Asic
Optoelectronics Photocouplers, OCMOS MOSFET, Fiberoptical Devices
USB ASSP USB controllers

Renesas Electronics Corporation