Electronic Devices / Industrial Systems

Seiko Instruments Inc.

SII’s Business Field: Solidly Backed Up by Reliable Technology and Quality

A company that had its origins in the development and manufacture of wristwatches, SII responds to the needs of an increasingly advanced society and industry, backed up by a foundation of reliable technology and quality.

SII offers precision processing technologies tailored to the sub-micron level, technologies to make electronic devices smaller and increase their power conservation performance, and production technologies able to realize efficient mass production.

And in addition to its thorough mastery of the technologies it deploys, the company also organically integrates the techniques and concepts of the craftsperson.

This comprehensive ability provides the solid foundation for SII’s business field.


Liquid crystal oscillators

(1) SMD type
(2) For reduced power consumption
(3) Cylinder type

Micro-batteries (1) MS lithium secondary batteries
(2) XH capacitors
(3) CPX capacitors
(4) Silver oxide batteries
Rare earth magnets (1) Horizontal magnetic field molding products
(2) Vertical magnetic field molding products

Seiko Instruments Inc.