New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

Our evolving devices will support the next generation.

Micro-electronics and microwave: Leveraging advanced device technologies born of these two core technologies, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (NJR) contributes to the business success of customers in the age of IoT.

NJR contributes to the advancement of industrial devices with analog technologies that meet customer needs.
Industrial devices support the development of Japan’s manufacturing base. The development of those devices is in turn supported by the analog technologies of NJR. NJR’s catalog of products includes operational amplifiers, vital devices that enhance sensing precision of the encoders that support robot movement with accurate sensing of position and speed; power-source ICs that support the stable operation of a wide range of devices through noise minimization; and analog front-end ICs that incorporate numerous features optimized for industrial devices. This portfolio of products contributes crucially to the evolution of customers’ industrial devices.

NJR supports the development of the automobile industry with highly reliable ICs for vehicle-mounted applications.
The automobile industry is at an inflection point in many ways. Electronic controls are advancing and automated driving is becoming commercially viable, while new mobility services are arriving. As a company that has contributed to the development of car electronics for many years through its highly reliable vehicle-mounted ICs, NJR is tackling the challenges of the automotive industry in the next generation, with advanced device technologies and attentive services that meet customer needs.

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Analog ICs Analog front ends, operational amplifiers, comparators
Power-source ICs Low-saturation regulators, three-terminal regulators, voltage detectors
System reset ICs, shunt regulators, switching regulators
Termination power sources, power management ICs
High-frequency products Power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, front-end modules
RF switches
Optical products Photodiodes, photo-reflectors, luminance sensors, position sensors
ASSPs High-acoustic-quality audio amplifiers (MUSES), motor ICs
Sensors Microwave sensor modules (moving-body detection, distance measurement)