Witz Inc.

Witz Inc.

The manufacturing of automobiles, consumer electronics, industrial machinery and other products forms the backbone of the Japanese economy. Witz is a company that develops systems specialized for those industries, such as management and support systems as well as embedded and control software.

Embedded systems business

In the embedded systems business, Witz develops software optimized for products such as automobiles, industrial machinery and digital consumer electronics. Witz supports the introduction and development of security solutions for connected vehicles and consumer-electronics products.

System engineering business

This business provides development technology that applies advanced development methodology (engineering). This segment is especially accomplished in model-based development technology, which is used to develop control models for simulations, particularly in virtual environments.

Functional safety business

Witz provides total solutions to achieve functional safety, from surveying and planning through rule formation and software and hardware development to manual collation and customer training to ensure effective use of these systems. Leveraging expertise that is certified under the IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 standards for software development processes, Witz supports customers in obtaining functional safety certification.

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