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APTJ Co., Ltd.

Julinar, APTJ’s AUTOSAR software platform, supports quality and efficiency in electronic control units (ECUs) installed in automobiles.

Features of the Julinar software platform from APTJ

Feature 1: Development on the basis of years of research results at Nagoya University
• High-performance OS (conceived with a balance of running performance and maintainability)
• Ability to respond to advanced development requirements such as multicore support
Feature 2: Quality that satisfies the requirements of suppliers
• Thanks to joint development with suppliers, the software platform matches the quality requirements of suppliers and delivers software that reflects those needs.
Feature 3: Support for ASIL-D-level functional safety
• Development of the functional safety process based on ISO 26262
Feature 4: Faithfully designed to AUTOSAR specifications
• The platform is faithfully designed to AUTOSAR specifications (implementation of functional subsets) while considering improvements in memory efficiency and processing speed.
Feature 5: Comprehensive support framework
Feature 6: Support for individual OEM specifications
・Development in support of individual specifications for specific OEMs is ongoing.

Julinar module diagram

APTJ provides modules conforming to AUTOSAR R4.2.2 (some modules conform to AUTOSAR R4.3.x). Modules can be provided in clusters or as individual modules, so please feel free to inquire.
The development process conforms to Automotive SPICE* and ISO 26262 ASIL-D, supporting functional safety for certain modules.
*Includes some BSW modules whose quality is not assured by Automotive SPICE–compliant development processes (pre-prototype development).

Julinar License Formats

Various license formats are available to suit customers’ development phases.
In addition to the development licenses and mass production licenses shown in the illustration at right, source code licenses are available for those who wish to use Julinar for R&D or educational purposes.
APTJ is pleased to respond flexibly to requests regarding license formats, so please feel free to inquire.

Support Formats

The following support formats are available in cooperation with partner companies.
• Integration
• Custom support for OEMs
• AUTOSAR-compliant SW-C development support
• Support for AUTOSAR implementation
etc. Please feel free to consult with us.