• High-quality wireless modules, high-precision and high-reliability positioning solutions

Switzerland-based ublox (traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange, securities code: UBXN) is a leading provider of wireless and positioning semiconductors for automotive, industrial and general-consumer applications. The company provides solutions that accurately pinpoint the locations of people, automobiles and machines and wirelessly communicate over cellular and short-range networks. With a broad portfolio of chips, modules and other products that support data services, ublox has carved out a unique niche assisting customers in developing revolutionary IoT solutions quickly and at low cost.

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Short-range wireless modules Using Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and NFC technologies, ublox achieves highly reliable vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-road and cabin-internal communications.
Cellular modules ublox offers a wide range of high-quality, highly scalable cellular modules optimized for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets, where the demands for compact size, low cost and high quality are severe.
Positioning The ublox portfolio includes a lineup of chips, SiPs, modules and antennas, as well as solutions for high-speed, precise and reliable GNSS positioning and dead reckoning with highly precise timing.

• Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG.
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