Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

Sanken Electric provides total solutions as only it can in the power electronics field.

Sanken Electric possesses a suite of technologies for the conversion and stabilization of electrical power and its conversion to light. With power electronics—the conversion of electricity and efficient transfer of loads according to the characteristics of each electronic device—at its core, Sanken Electric operates in a business space that extends to power semiconductors, optical products, power modules and power systems.

Supported by this breadth of technology, Sanken Electric combines multiple technologies as none of its competitors can, to provide total solutions for a wide range of issues.

To leverage these strengths to maximum advantage, Sanken Electric pursues development and marketing of high-value-added products. In this way the company is focused on developing new markets while discovering new applications through closer relationships with its customers.

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

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ICs Regulator ICs, stepping motor ICs, driver ICs, Hall-effect ICs, etc.
Transistors Power transistors, MOSFETs, various arrays
Thyristors Thyristors, triacs, PNPN switch elements
Diodes Diodes (power rectification, high-speed rectification, super-high-speed rectification, Schottky barriers, high-voltage rectification, power zeners, etc.), silicon varistors
LEDs LED lights, chip LEDs, infrared LEDs
Power sources Switching power sources (custom, semi-custom and general-purpose units), AC adapters