Seiko Instruments Inc.

Seiko Instruments Inc.

SII backs its operations with assured technology and quality.

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) made its name as a developer and manufacturer of wristwatches. Underpinned by assured technology and quality, SII today serves the increasingly sophisticated needs of society and industry.

Signature SII technologies include sub-micron-level precision machining technologies, miniaturization and power-saving technologies for electronic devices, and production technologies to secure efficient mass production.

While diligently working to improve these technologies, SII pursues a vision of organically linking these technologies to the skills of accomplished artisans.

These comprehensive capabilities enable SII to succeed in a variety of business fields.

Seiko Instruments Inc.

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Quartz oscillators (1) SMD type
(2) Low-power-consumption type
(3) Cylindrical type
Microbatteries (1) MS lithium secondary batteries
(2) XH capacitors
(3) CPX capacitors
(4) Silver oxide batteries
Rare earth magnets (1) Horizontal magnetically molded products
(2) Vertical magnetically molded products