Isahaya Electronics Corporation

Isahaya Electronics Corporation

Isahaya Electronics provides powerful support for size reduction and functional enhancement of devices.

With funding from Mitsubishi Electric, Isahaya Electronics was established in 1973 as a manufacturing partner for small-signal transistors.

Later, Isahaya Electronics began assembling hybrid ICs. Receiving this business in a transfer from Mitsubishi Electric, Isahaya Electronics began developing, designing, manufacturing and selling these products under its own brand in 2003.

Isahaya Electronics boasts a wide range of semiconductor design technologies, from development of small-signal transistors to the design of ASICs, as well as applied circuit technologies that make use of these semiconductors. Leveraging these technologies, the company reduces the size and enhances the function of a wide variety of devices according to customer requests.

Isahaya Electronics Corporation

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Analog semiconductors Small-signal transistors and diodes/complex transistors/linear ICs
Hybrid ICs DC-DC converters/on-board power sources/IPM interface modules/IGBT drivers
System products Special-application inverters/industrial custom power sources