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We respond flexibly to customer requirements in specifications and delivery for semiconductors and devices.

The electronics industry is advancing on a daily basis. Even as customer requirements for semiconductors and electronic devices grow ever more sophisticated, the demand for shorter development turnaround is becoming increasingly urgent. To respond to these needs, Ryoden’s electronics business offers comprehensive solutions, providing not only semiconductors and devices tailored to customer needs but also technical expertise and consulting.

Ryoden’s Strengths (1)
Our comprehensive lineup of semiconductors and devices is sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers of these products, including Mitsubishi Electric. Informed by experience and expertise acquired over many years, Ryoden selects devices and manufacturers according to each customer’s specifications and delivers them in a timely manner.
Ryoden’s Strengths (2)
Ryoden provides customers with total solutions. We forecast technological trends in the electronics industry along with customers’ set development trends. At the same time, we put into place the necessary sales frameworks, technologies and product groups to respond accurately to customers’ up-to-the-minute needs.

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Introduction to Our Solutions

  • Electronic Device Solutions

    The drive for total solutions

    Market needs change at bewildering speed. Technology advances day by day. To succeed in such an environment, electronics technology trading companies must have the power to combine state-of-the-art IT with advanced logistics, development and design. As a company on the front lines of sales representing the world’s foremost producers of semiconductors and electronic devices, Ryoden has the sales framework and technology to forecast customers’ set development trends as well as technological trends. Our goal is to serve customers consistently as their best one-stop partner for consulting and solutions.

    Electronic Device Solutions
  • Embedded Software Solutions for the Automotive Industry

    Supporting quality and efficiency in on-board ECUs

    In the automotive industry, technologies associated with the “Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, Electric” (CASE) field are advancing at a blistering pace. As a result, the control of vehicle-embedded systems and software, a task performed by the on-board electronic control units (ECUs), is growing in both complexity and scale. Moreover, the number of ECUs incorporated in each vehicle is increasing dramatically. Amid these developments, automakers are struggling to maintain quality while restraining the growth in development worker-hours. Ryoden takes two approaches to solve these problems. The first is the adoption of the Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) as a standardized software framework. The second is the deployment of virtual environments to streamline evaluation processes.

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    Embedded Software Solutions for the Automotive Industry