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UHF-band RFID Systems

UHF-band RFID Systems

If you wish to adopt applications using RFID (IC tags), Ryoden can introduce the RFID system that is right for your budget and scale of implementation, selecting from our stable of partner companies.

(1) Asset management systems

These asset management systems use handheld RFID reader/writers to dramatically reduce the time required to take inventory.
RFID tags can also be used to manage the lending-out and return of assets.
Principle applications include IT assets at data centers (blade server management), management of recording media, management of furnishings for general affairs, drawing management, PC management from the perspective of information security and (in manufacturing) management of instruments, molds, etc.

Asset management systems
  • Multiple tags can be read simultaneously, dramatically reducing the time required to take inventory.
  • These RFIDs use radio communications, so they can be read even from inside cardboard cartons, eliminating the need to remove items from boxes.

(2) Recyclable container management systems

The automotive and other manufacturing industries make extensive use of returnable containers (pallets, reusable shipping cartons, cage carts, collapsible containers, etc.) when shipping goods between companies and between locations.
When companies find themselves unable to grasp the current status of returnable-container inventory and use, however, they may be unable to ship products because they lack the necessary dedicated containers, or they may suffer other losses and bottlenecks. This situation often results in unnecessary purchases of returnable containers.
By using the ATLAS-Things cloud system, customers can manage returnable containers worldwide, round the clock and in a safe environment, while dramatically reducing the cost of configuring and operating various systems. Initial costs can also be reduced.

Recyclable container management systems

(3) Process management systems

1) Process management (painting etc.): Process management is conducted with respect to managed items as they pass certain positions as they move on a belt conveyor or the like. RFID tags are affixed to reusable bogeys, so the initial investment is sufficient to configure the necessary process management environment.
The diagram below is an example of implementation in the painting process.

Process management systems

2) Process management (work)
Tags (identification tags) are temporarily affixed to products using magnets, and operators carry tags as well. This system enables a history to be recorded of work that was done, who performed it and when (taking how much time).

Process management (work)

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