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UHF-band hard tags from Confidex

Introduction to Confidex products (hard tags)

As the distributor for Confidex, Ryoden offers various Confidex tags with special features.
Here we present some examples of Confidex tags, divided into the categories of hard tags and label tags.
(A full product list can be found here.)


Hard Tags

Ryoden supplies metal tags and other hard tags according to application.

1. Ironside Classic

  • Ironside Global supports global specifications, making it ideal for use in international logistics.
  • These durable metal tags conform to the SAE AS5678 standard, applied to suit the exceptionally high-quality requirements for aircraft parts (IP68).
  • Rivet attachments are optionally available.
  • Dimensions: 51.5 × 47.5 × 10mm
  • Applications: Mold management, beer keg management, gas cannister management, location management, automatic guided vehicle (AGV) management, construction machinery management, container management, maintenance management, heavy-equipment management, etc.
  • Data sheet for Ironside Classic (PDF)



2. Ironside Micro

  • Small metal tags that can be fastened with screws (IP68)
  • Dimensions: 27 × 27 × 5.5mm
  • Applications: Gas cannister management, machinery management, etc.
  • Data sheet for Ironside Micro (PDF: 1,265KB)

Ironside Micro

Ironside Micro

3. Survivor

  • On-metal and on-non-metal tags that enable long-range communications (IP68)
  • Dimensions: 155 × 26 × 14.5mm
  • Applications: Management of cage carts, metal pallets, bogeys, vehicles, etc.
  • Data sheet for Survivor (PDF: 914KB)

4. Ironside Slim

  • On-metal/on-non-metal tags that support global specifications (IP68) (Ideal for international logistics)
  • Dimensions: 85 × 21 × 10mm
  • Applications: Management of cage carts, metal pallets, bogeys, etc.
  • Data sheet for Ironside Slim (PDF: 450KB)

Ironside Slim

5. Steelwave Micro II

  • Tags for small metal items (IP67)
  • Three mounting methods possible (adhesive tape, binding bands, hanging)
  • Dimensions: 38 × 13 × 4.5mm
  • Applications: PCs, computer mice, cables, etc.
  • Data sheet for Steelwave Micro II (PDF: 875KB)

Steelwave Micro II

Steelwave Micro II

6. Captura (build-to-order product)

  • Hanging-type metal tags (IP67)
  • Easy to mount, not removable
  • Dimensions: 57.5 × 19 × 20mm
  • Applications: Management of bogeys, mesh pallets (automated warehouses), etc.
  • Data sheet for Captura (PDF: 622KB)

Captura (build-to-order product)

Captura (build-to-order product)

7. Captura Flash

  • IC UCODE 8m
  • Hanging-type metal tags (IP68)
  • Easy to mount, not removable
  • Dimensions: 125.7 × 20 × 15mm
  • Applications: Management of bogeys, mesh pallets (automated warehouses), etc.
  • Available at low prices from Captura
  • Data sheet for Captura Flash (PDF: 749KB)

8. Steelwave Classic

  • Steelwave Classic all-purpose tags for both on-metal and on-non-metal applications (IP68)
  • Simple mounting enabled using screw fastening and strong adhesive seals
  • Dimensions: 115 × 30 × 3.9mm
  • Applications: Metallic dollies, plastic container management, plastic tray management, plastic pallet management, etc.
  • Data sheet for Steelwave Classic (PDF)

9. Survivor B (build-to-order product)

  • Battery assisted passive (BAP) tags with communication range up to 60m
  • Dimensions: 155 × 26 × 14.5mm
  • Data sheet for Survivor B (PDF)

10. Corona (project-based)

  • Heat-resistant specifications (disposable, not suitable for reuse)
  • Dimensions: Customizable
  • For management of processes for direct mounting on vehicle bodies
  • Data sheet for Corona(PDF: 810KB)

 Corona (project-based)

 Corona (project-based)

11. X-Bolt (project-based)

  • M8 bolts with built-in RFID tags
  • Dimensions: Customizable
  • Applications: Process management
  • Data sheet for X-Bolt (PDF: 628KB)

 X-Bolt (project-based)

 X-Bolt (project-based)

12. Carrier ToughSlim

  • Abrasion-resistant, environment-resistant tags for on-non-metal applications
  • Dimensions: 12 × 18 × 2mm
  • Applications: Plastic container management, recyclable container management
  • Data sheet for Carrier ToughSlim (PDF: 594KB)

Carrier ToughSlim

13.Tire Tag

Printing and encoding services
Ryoden provides original services to complement the printing and encoding services offered by Confidex. Please inquire with Ryoden for details.

Provision of samples

If you would like to receive samples for evaluation before implementation, please send us an e-mail with the required information below and a Ryoden representative will contact you.

Required items

  • Name of contact person, department and company
  • Address and telephone number
  • Applications (items to be managed, etc.)
  • Name of requested sample product

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