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RFID Solutions

Identified as key devices for “Industry 4.0,” radio frequency identification (RFID) devices are expected to find an increasingly extensive range of applications.
At Ryoden, we can propose total solutions centered on RFID. Proposed elements of such solutions may include not only RFID reader/writer units but also RFID tags produced overseas, fabrication of IC tags according to customer requirements, security cameras (CCTV), peripherals such as printers and software.

Principles of passive (radio) signal reception

RFID devices can be broadly divided into two types: active devices, which require batteries; and passive ones, which do not. Passive devices may operate by electromagnetic induction or radio-wave reception; these two types operate at different frequencies and are used for different applications.
The principle by which passive (radio) RFIDs work is that the IC chip on the RFID receives from the device’s antenna a radio signal that is converted into a DC voltage to activate the IC chip. The information is read inside the IC chip and radio waves are propagated from the antenna of the IC tag, thereby sending information to the antenna of a reader/writer.

Principles of passive (radio) signal reception

RFID Solutions for each frequency band

Ryoden can realize solutions that leverage the characteristics of each type of RFID.

1) UHF-band RFIDs
Radio communications. Long-range communication capability. Compliance with the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) global standard.
UHF-band RFIDs are expected to enjoy explosive growth, as these passive RFIDs can handle applications previously possible only with active tags.

2) HF-band (13.56MHz) RFIDs
Electromagnetic-induction communications. Short-range communication capability.
Used in IC cards for applications such as employee authentication and commuter passes, HF-band RFIDs are widely used as RFID tags in production lines, for production control, process control and the like.

Anticipated applications

  • Manufacturing (jig management)
  • Manufacturing (production control/traceability)
  • Manufacturing and logistics (shipping/receiving management)
  • Logistics (automatic sorting using high-speed conveyors)
  • Management of reusable containers (pallet management, management of reusable shipping cartons, cage cart management)
  • Entry/exit management
  • Vehicle entry/exit
  • IT device management (server management, PC management)
  • Casting-mold management
  • Asset management
  • Apparel (shipping/receiving management and inventory management)
  • Various rental businesses
  • Libraries (books)
  • Management of important documents
  • Medical waste (traceability)
  • Management of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals

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