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HF-band (13.56MHz) RFID Solutions

HF-band (13.56MHz) RFID Solutions

If you wish to adopt applications using RFID (IC tags), Ryoden can introduce the RFID system that is right for your budget and scale of implementation, selecting from our stable of partner companies.

(1) Security

This type of RFID is the most secure and is used at very short range, for items kept on one’s person such as IC cards, commuter passes and electronic money. It features short-range electromagnetic-conduction-type communication, which is optimal for security and management of individual items,


(2) FA production history (traceability) and process management

We offer the V680 Series of HF-band RFID reader/writers from Omron Corporation, combined with an interface unit (produced by Mitsubishi Electric Engineering) that can be controlled with the MELSEC Q Series of sequencers from Mitsubishi Electric.
A function block is prepared using a Q-bus connection that eliminates RS232C mediation, enabling high-speed communication.
Users of the MELSEC Q Series can use the V680 Series easily, as they will not need to perform any complicated programming.
As a rough guide, non-metallic managed items are managed with a communication range of a few centimeters, while metallic managed items are managed at an extremely short range of a few millimeters,