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Security camera systems shoulder the key burden of upholding a site’s physical security. The video they capture holds a wide range of information, enabling incidents that occurred at that location to be reconstructed accurately and unmistakably. What happens when the production site becomes the subject that the cameras record?
The wide range of information that can be captured on video ranges from people’s actions to the condition of machinery and product quality. We believe that this video holds the potential to serve as a vital information asset for corporate management going forward.
Ryoden has developed a framework by which this precious video information can be viewed in the right place and with the right timing and shared with the people who need it. Under the original Ryoden brand of the FlaRevo Series, Ryoden makes this system available to customers.


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Nx Witness

Nx Witness VMS is video recording software created by networkoptix Inc., supported by ONVIF network cameras.
Incorporating leading-edge technologies and a wealth of ideas, Nx Witness offers convenience and ease of use that must be experienced to be believed.
Nx Witness contributes to your businesses through the power of video.

Nx Witness

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