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Vision Sensors

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Vision sensors facilitate the automation of inspection and measurement, enabling improvements in quality.

With integrated lighting and compact size, vision sensors achieve ease of use in a wide range of manufacturing environments.

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Canon Corporation Vision Edition–U

Vision Edition–U is a dedicated vision sensor for robots made by Universal Robots (UR). This device enables communication between Vision Edition, an image-processing software program, and UR robots. Using the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) feature of network cameras, Vision Edition–U performs image processing across a wide range and relays the results to UR robots.

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Kyoto Robotics Corporation

TVS is a 3D robot vision sensor that gives industrial robots eyes and brains, contributing to labor-shortage reduction and stabilization of quality. When combined with robots, TVS creates a wide range of solutions, including bulk picking (bin picking), assembly, alignment, workpiece transport and 3D position correction.

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CCS Inc.

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Optex Fa Co., Ltd.

Optex Fa offers a wide range of LED lighting for image processing and image inspection, including ring lighting, bar lighting, square lighting, dome lighting, backlighting, coaxial lighting, full-color lighting, spot lighting and ultraviolet/infrared lighting.

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Gocator® (LMI Technologies)

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, LMI Technologies is one of the world’s top providers of 3D scanning and inspection solutions.
The Gocator series of 3D sensors couples high performance and ease of use with solid cost performance. With this all-in-one 3D smart sensor alone, customers can perform pass/fail judgement using 3D dimension measurement and image processing.
With its built-in Web server, the Gocator can be connected to a PC via LAN cable, enabling all settings and programming, including programming of image processing, to be performed online.
Controller features are also built into the Gocator. These features enable results of dimension measurement and pass/fail judgement to be output directly from the Gocator to plant equipment, without the provision of special equipment.
Also, using megapixel resolution and high-luminance laser output, the Gocator can be applied to objects with low reflectivity and that require a wide field of view, such as tires and lumber.

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