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Industrial Mechatronics/Machining Equipment

Mitsubishi Electric Mellaser laser machining device

The Mellaser is shaping the future of laser machining, pursuing outstanding levels of machining performance.

Using originally developed technologies, covering not only machining equipment but also oscillators and controllers, among others, we offer a wide-ranging lineup extending to 2D lasers, 3D lasers and more. We deliver high-speed, high-precision machining as well as a diverse and flexible assortment of machining options.

Mitsubishi Electric EDM

Mitsubishi Electric electrical discharge machines enable everyone from beginners to veteran to produce complex machined shapes with ease.

Mitsubishi Electric’s electrical-discharge machines (EDMs) for wires, engraving and fine perforations improve production efficiency with high-speed, high-precision machining. Leveraging Mitsubishi Electric’s proficiency in mold fabrication, these EDMs are attracting attention as a technology that is revolutionizing parts machining for the aerospace and IT industries, with clear emphasis on reliability.

Mitsubishi Electric discharge surface treatment

This coating technology revolutionizes the coating process as only Mitsubishi Electric can, using micro-pulse electrical discharge.

Through repeated micro-pulse electrical discharge, this revolutionary surface-treatment technology forms a metal or conductive ceramic film on the surface of the material to be treated. Various functional films are used to add features such as resistance to abrasion, erosion and corrosion.

Mitsubishi Electric metal 3D printer (AM)

Mitsubishi Electric electron-beam 3D metal printers stand the conventional wisdom of manufacturing on its head.

In laminating molding, data created using 3D CAD is converted to slice data, one slice at a time, to create a molded product. The most significant feature of laminating molding is that it can form products of such complex three-dimensional shapes that other fabrication processes cannot make them.

Mitsubishi Electric electron beam machine

Accomplished execution of fine welding, alloy formation and brazing.

This machine powerfully leverages the properties of high-reflective materials, such as copper and aluminum, along with those of high-melting-point materials, such as tungsten and molybdenum. With its extensive track record at automotive and other manufacturing sites, Mitsubishi Electric is the world’s top manufacturer of electron-beam machining equipment.