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MELFA Mitsubishi industrial robot

A crucial component of the cutting edge of future-oriented factories

MELFA industrial robots from Mitsubishi are a crucial component of FA that incorporates cutting-edge technology. MELFA enables automation of extreme complexity, thanks to high-speed, high-precision core features and MELFA Smart Plus smart sensors.
Moreover, MELFA’s high affinity with sequencers and other FA products ensures thoroughgoing ease of use.

MELFA Mitsubishi industrial robot

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MELFA ASSISTA, a collaborative robot from Mitsubishi Electric

These collaborative solutions can easily be implemented by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

(1) Easy Control
(2) Easy Programming
(3) Easy Connecting

1. Mitsubishi Electric has just developed RT VisualBox, a programming tool that enables intuitive operation. Using block diagrams, RT VisualBox enables simple programming of robot systems using intuitive operations.

2. Robot teaching (recording and replaying operations) can be performed using dedicated operation buttons on the robot arm, eliminating the previously required teaching boxes.

3. LED lights on the robot arm enable operational status to be displayed on the robot itself. Operators working near the robot can confirm the robot’s status at a glance, so operators can work in the collaborative environment with peace of mind.


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Industrial collaborative robots Universal robots

Universal robots are easy to operate, people-friendly and capable of collaborating with people.
In the past, universal robots were introduced to do work that humans had been doing by hand. Today human workers and robots work collaboratively, in fields as varied as automobiles, electrical goods, foodstuffs and cosmetics.
Collaborative robots are available for trial rental. Please contact Ryoden for details.

Industrial collaborative robots   Universal robots

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LETHER series of dedicated welding robots

Robot welding makes hand-reworking obsolete!
Meiko Electronics Co., Ltd. established its expertise in robot welding over 30 years ago. Through independent development of hardware and software, Meiko creates dedicated robots that specialize in welding.

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Peripheral equipment for industrial robots

Rheon Aluminum Co., Ltd.

For collaborative robots, please use moveable robot stand carry bases.

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