FA Systems

High-voltage Power Distribution Control Devices

High-voltage circuit breakers and electromagnetic contacts

These products respond to needs such as environmental preservation, safety, energy saving and international standards.

Circuit breakers and electromagnetic contacts for high-voltage applications respond to a wide range of needs, including environmental preservation, ease of maintenance, safety, energy saving and conformity to international standards (IEC). Ryoden’s lineup in this field includes vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum electromagnetic contacts, voltage transformers and pullout lightning arrester units, as well as circuit breakers and electromagnetic contacts for upgrading purposes.

Protective relays

Protective relays customers trust: MELPRO

MELPRO protective relays crystallize expertise and technology cultivated by us over many years. A full lineup of products is available, with products optimized for each application from super-high-voltage to high-voltage systems. These products are built with high precision and reliability to meet today’s needs.

Electrical fuses

A diverse product lineup centered on high-voltage fuses

This lineup of electrical fuses includes current-limiting fuses, boric-acid fuses and low-voltage fuses. A comprehensive lineup is available to suit each application.

Load switches and disconnectors

A new stage in measures against magnetizing inrush currents

This new lineup of smaller products answers industry needs for products with smaller footprints. (TES-GB1 type)
With the pursuit of ease of use and compact dimensions, the evolution of energy -saving equipment for stable power supplies continues.

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