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MELSEC sequencers

The MELSEC Series: The drive for excellence continues

The MELSEC Series continues to evolve, responding to input from the production floor.
With outstanding reliability and a rich product lineup, this series brings new possibilities to today’s increasingly sophisticated production sites.

Servo system controllers

We are working with customers and partners to create unprecedented value.

Servo system controllers are control devices that achieve high-speed, high-precision motor control in a full range of industry machinery.
Ryoden offers a comprehensive lineup of sequencer-based and industrial-PC-based servo system controllers.
We invite you to select the product you need based on your control application.


The Best Partner for Your Success

Our aim is to be the best partner for customers advancing into the future, all over the world.
That determination is shared by all staff members in Ryoden’s Mitsubishi computer numerical controller (CNC) operations.
We are continuing to work hard to provide CNC solutions that meet customer needs.

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