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Cloud-based Integrated Monitoring Systems

Remces Cloud-based Integrated Monitoring Systems

Ryoden Monitoring Systems are “Triple Independent.”

1. Manufacturer-independent
Ryoden monitoring systems use open networks, enabling sensors and controllers to be added regardless of manufacturer.
With the resulting high flexibility of system design, customers can start small, using their existing equipment configurations.

2. Base- and Terminal-independent
Ryoden monitoring systems use cloud servers, so dedicated servers are not needed.
Cloud servers provide safety in the event of accidents or disasters, persuading increasing numbers of companies to adopt them as part of their BCP measures.
Remote monitoring and monitoring of multiple bases are also enabled. Monitoring can be performed from virtually any terminal, including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

3. Design independence
Monitoring screens are customizable, so they can be configured in whichever way users find intuitive and easy to understand. Status of lighting, climate control, data and other factors can be graphically displayed for monitoring on a 3D facility map.