Smart Industrial Solutions

In industrial markets, great emphasis is being placed on the transparency and efficiency of the production process, as well as its safety and smoothness.

Ryoden, using the track record it has accumulated until now, is providing solutions that respond accurately to a diverse range of customer needs.

1.Production control solution

Through visibility into the orders received, production and shipping processes, one-stop management and sharing of information, we have improved production efficiency and achieved traceability, preventive maintenance and cost reductions.

Customer needs
As production efficiency is poor and there is no progress towards transparency at the production plants, there is also little progress in management or improvements.

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2.Inspection/safety solutions

By analyzing the information using camera images, we determine the position of the product, and provide a system of abnormality detection, dimension measurement and character and ID recognition.
We aim to improve the quality of products, increase line efficiency and to eliminate the shipment of defective items.

Customer needs
They want to preempt and prevent the occurrence of injury in all processes from raw material production to the final product.

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