Solution Services


Save energy and reduce cost through optimal control of wired and wireless technologies.

In order to accumulate experience in promoting BEMS, we have built a show room where actual verification can be conducted.

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Power Management Solutions

We provide affordable power management systems optimized to customers' needs.

As a trading company that specializes in semiconductors, we can provide refined proposals using advanced technologies such as embedded control.

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Remote Monitoring System Solutions

Remote operation of inspections, monitoring, control, meter reading in building facilities is possible 24/365 on a nationwide scale.

In addition to constructing solar power generation plants and carrying out power generation business, we are conducting remote monitoring from our head office building.

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BCP Solutions

We will build organizations that will be strong, even in the case of emergencies, by understanding and analyzing the content and features of our customer's business

We utilize the know-how and experience we have cultivated over the years for cooling systems to countermeasure heat issues for data centers, which are a particularly important part of BCP.

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Production Control Solutions

Visualizing processes through the use of image recognition technology and RFID, conducting uniform control of operational content and sharing information.

Based production line know-how accumulated over many years, we are propose a wide range of production systems, such as parts traceability and quality control.

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FA Solutions

We are ensuring the environmental compatibility and efficiency of our production facilities through energy-saving devices, industrial robots and control systems.

Through the accumulation of our components and systems businesses, we propose robots and controller systems that can optimize facilities and inspection systems.

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Inspection and Safety Solutions

We install inspection devices and preventive maintenance systems in production lines in order to prevent the shipment of defective products, improve product quality and increase efficiency.

We propose optimized solutions utilizing the power of information and creativity we have accumulated through forward-looking, highly specialized businesses in each field and industry.

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Evaluation and Testing Solutions

Achieve various heating and humidity environments required for research, development and testing in the distribution field to a high level of precision.

Respond to difficult customer requirements and conditions through comprehensive cooling air-conditioning technologies that can handle not only housing, buildings and production facilities, but also research facilities.

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Touch Panel Solutions

Greatly reduce anxiety regarding development load and language communication through coordinate management.

It is possible to provide high-performance, customized firmware (F/W) tailored specifically for industrial-use. We have achieved high positional accuracy through the use of sensor ICs for medium and large-size panels.

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Monitoring Camera Solutions

From monitoring cameras just for recording to work cameras that improve operations.

We propose optimized solutions for a variety of uses through the combination of image recognition technology and noise, vibration, heat and CO2 sensors.

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Image-processing Solutions

Realize an image-processing system that matches use and purpose through the utilization of a wide variety of components and technologies

We are proposing optimized solutions through our strengths in seeking out global devices and our information network.

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Asset Management Solutions

We are making work much more efficient through the use of RFID in talking inventory.

We propose RFID tags and RFID devices tailored for specific industrial fields. We are able

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EV Simulator Solutions

Simulator system in which development of electric vehicles, etc. is possible in a virtual environment without using a motor bench.

Utilizing the experience and information gained through relationships with a wide range of customers over many years, we provide optimized solutions ranging from vehicle parts to the installation of production facilities.

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Medical Solutions

We are working to resolve onsite medical-related issues by providing a total support system related to BCP measures, IT information systems and equipment.

By merging our facilities and IT businesses, we are able make comprehensive new proposals.

Installation example: Social Welfare Service Corporation, Kyoto Social Services Foundation, Kyoto-Katsura Hospital

  • 1. Distribute images by allocating and dividing various images from blood-cell image capture devices and high-definition camera images.
  • 2.Allocate capture room images and output the same images even in the operating room.
    (transparent/capture images, IVUS images, camera images)
  • 3. High-definition camera images can be magnified (zoom-in) and pan-tilt magnified using a joystick.
  • 4. Back-up and relocation possible using movable arm with camera attached.
  • 5. As the camera image output signal is SDI, there is no image delay.