Network Solutions

With the dawn of the big data age, network technology is undergoing further stages of evolution.
Ryoden is constructing optimized solutions by grasping the needs of the market at an early stage and making full use of technical trends.

1.Monitor camera solutions

By using wireless communication and cloud monitor camera systems that keep network load to an absolute minimum, we are proposing monitor cameras that can be used in places where it has hitherto been difficult to install cameras such as construction sites, farms and outdoor event venues.

Customer needs
They want to install cameras in locations in which it has not been possible to install cameras before and monitor everything in real time.

Solution Services

2.Asset management solutions

By using RFID to manage a variety assets, we have greatly reduced the time required for stock taking. Through loan management, it has been possible to grasp frequency of use and identify unemployed assets.

Customer needs
They want to make stock taking operations, for which management has been complex, more efficient.

RFID (radio-frequency identification tag)

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