As a Global Solution Provider

Solution services possible with Ryoden

As a part of the process of evolution and development due to our customers and partners, Ryoden aim to accomplish the continuing development by providing solutions to these issues from a global perspective and become an essential partner for our customers and partners.

The greatest strength of Ryoden is our customers and more than 2,000 partners. The experience and know-how, and the highly diverse and abundant information we have learned from you are Ryoden’s valuable treasure. Based on that, we are providing you all with new products, new technologies and new systems, in short, new solutions.

There are a wide range of Ryoden solution fields. These include the EMS field, which attracts increasing attention due to every widening energy problems, the smart industrial field to increase management efficiency, the HMI and sensor-related fields that are said to affect the value of products. And it has also been possible for us to provide both our customers and partners with a network linking these solutions.

In order to provide more accurate solutions, we have established both a domestic and global service organization. We are also promoting internal linkups and the flexible distribution of human resources in order to make it possible for Ryoden as a whole to use information and know-how. In Asia, which is a powerful market for us overseas, we have established strategic offices in Shanghai and Singapore, and are providing solutions using valuable information from local corporate entities in the U.S.A and Europe.

Ryoden will continue to evolve as a Global Solutions Provider, contributing to the development of all of our partners.

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“Beyond Borders”
This means going beyond the framework of business that has existed until now, and using superior technical ability, specialist knowledge and the power of information to solve your issues.

There are a vast array of issues our customers facing and solutions required to solve these issues depending on the business area, business strategy and direction.

Ryoden are providing a diverse range of solution services across a wide area both internationally and domestically. We are providing the best solution in each of the network solutions field, building management solutions field, EMS solutions field, smart industrial solutions field, medical solutions field, HMI/sensor solutions field, and automobile equipment solutions field, utilizing the strengths of Ryoden.
Ryoden will continue to support the future of our customers, develop and provide new solutions.