Automobile Equipment Solutions

We utilize our experience and technology in the component and system business in order to provide people savings and energy savings and a management system that realizes optimization of equipment.

1.FA solutions

According to the situation facing the customer, we coordinate energy saving devices and industrial robots, management systems and monitoring systems etc. in order to handle the environment for production facilities and make them more efficient.

Customer needs
They want to make the realization of a low carbon society an important topic for corporate management and carry out large-scale reforms of production facilities.

Solution Services

2.Evaluation and testing solutions

When sending out new materials and products into the market, it is essential to test their performance, durability and safety. Mitsubishi Electric provide various evaluation and testing solutions and back up the development of mew materials and new products.

Customer needs
They are testing the development of new materials and products but it is difficult to test these with legacy testing devices.
They want to manufacture products that can be used in more severe environments but as they cannot configure the environment, this cannot be evaluated.

Solution Services