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Basic Policy on Information Security


Ryoden is certified under ISMS.

Ryoden Corporation has received certification under the compliance evaluation system of the Information Security Management System (ISMS), operated by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization.
Ryoden will continue to work hard to provide customers with peace of mind and confidence.
The current scope of the Company’s certification is as follows.

Registered organization New Business Promotion Department
Scope of registration The New Business Promotion Department’s development of ICT and IoT solutions and provision of cloud services
Qualification applied ISO/IEC 27001:2013/JIS Q27001:2014
Date of registration February 21, 2020
Valid until February 20, 2023
Registration no. JQA-IM1684
Examining and registering organization Japan Quality Assurance Organization

Basic Policy on Information Security

Ryoden Corporation (“the Company”) manages information security based on the policy described below. The Company’s aim is to protect information assets entrusted to the Company by customers and business partners, as well as its own information assets, from accidents, disasters, crime and other threats, so that it can continue to earn the trust of customers and society.

1. Responsibilities of managers

The Company’s managers lead the effort to effect continuous improvement of information security.

2. Implementation of in-house systems

The Company establishes a framework for supporting and improving information security and establishes information security measures as official in-house rules.

3. Efforts by employees

The Company’s employees acquire the knowledge and skills they need to ensure information security and establish robust information security on that basis.

4. Strict compliance with legal and contractual requirements

The Company responds to the expectations of customers while fulfilling its information security obligations under the law, regulations, norms and contracts.

5. Response to legal violations and accidents

When violations of the law, violations of contracts and accidents occur with regard to information security, the Company deals with the issues appropriately and works to prevent their recurrence.

6. Circulation and publication of the Basic Policy

This information security policy is conveyed to all Group employees. Training and raising of awareness is provided to enable employees to apply this policy in practice.
The information security policy is also made available to the general public via printed matter and electronic documentation.

Inquiries regarding the Company’s ISMS

ISMS officer, New Business Promotion Division, Ryoden Corporation