Technological Prowess

Global Solution Provider  using State-of-the-art Technology

Technological Prowess

By customizing the products provided by the suppliers accurately in line with the needs of our customers, Ryoden provides service as a trading company with strong technological prowess.
At Ryoden, we are strengthening even further the link between the supplier and the customer and putting effort into the accumulation and analysis of technical information. Through initiatives such as the placing of a specialist technical task force, we are constructing an organization that can swiftly respond to any changes within the industry, either domestically or internationally.
Further, currently as the needs of customers are further diversifying, there are an extremely high number of cases in which we can look from the perspectives of both the supplier and the customer and construct the best solution and system for the customer.

Merging technologies to create new value

Proposing the solution one step ahead based on technical ability

A trading company that can predict technical trends in the market and provide solutions one step ahead. That is Ryoden. Technical personnel that can merge the supplier's technology are located not only in Japan, but also in East Asia and Southeast Asia. We are also making proposals in regard to development support and productivity improvements for software and integrated systems in order to increase the power of our customer's products.

Technical sales of Ryoden

Handling customers from a professional perspective

The sales people at Ryoden play the professional role of leading suppliers and customers in the best direction based on technical proposals. For this reason, it is important that they contact both parties and discover detailed information hiding slight technical nuances. Having a large number of sales people that can uncover customer issues based on certain technology is another strength of Ryoden.

Quality matching service

Discovering superior local manufacturers

We discover superior local manufacturers and match them with our customers. Further, by providing regular audit guidance to local manufacturers, we ensure continuous stable quality.

Approach to next-generation automobiles

Rich solutions for next-generation automobiles

Ryoden are handling a large number of solutions for next-generation automobiles.
We provide a total solution for next-generation vehicles, from motor control and function safety to graphics, semiconductor materials and development environment.

Joint research between industry and academia

Technical support for overseas customers

Ryoden, in order to reinforce its technical support for overseas customers, is not only placing a technical task force, but is also linking to the research labs of university in order to anticipate their technical trends. In particular, in Asia, we have technical centers in Shanghai (East Asia) and Singapore (South-East Asia), where we are developing solutions.

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