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Global Networks

Since establishing a local corporate entity in Singapore in 1990, Ryoden has established a large number of overseas bases in the U.S., Europe, China and Korea. We have developed businesses closely linked to respective regions based on the trust and track record we have developed domestically.
Currently, as the market becomes more global, there are calls for us to become even more global in the areas of design, manufacturing, procurement and sales, through joint development with both customers and partners and through product procurement supply chains etc. Due to these needs, Ryoden is placing more effort into promoting globalization. In the Asia region, which has acted as a tow on world economic growth in recent years, we have established the "East Asia Strategic Office" in Shanghai and the "Southeast Asia Strategic Office" in Singapore. We are expanding business, through the centralization of strategies considering the overall market within the region, the expansion of the bases and link-ups with base networks including those in Europe and America.


Information focal points for leading products, technology and legal regulations etc.

Base established in 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany.
In addition to creating a business for the import and export of semiconductor products, they are providing advanced information on legal regulations related to products, technology and environmental issues to each country, and playing an important roles as an information focal point for the global development of Ryoden.


Strategic development with local partners

The East Asia base covers China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. The South-East Asia base covers Singapore, Thailand and the surrounding ASEAN countries. There are strategic offices at both bases and they are promoting solution businesses with global partners in the region.


Accumulated trust and a strong presence

Ryoden's strengths are its high share in each business and its accumulated trust and the strength of its presence domestically in Japan.

United States

Communicating information about cutting-edge products, technology and patents

Bases in California state and Georgia state were established in 1999 and 2011 in the United States, and they are involved in the discovery of new products and the export and import of semiconductor products respectively. Further, they are providing advanced information about products, technology and patents etc. to the various countries.

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