Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

This page is designed for the website readers to understand Ryoden’s disclosure policy.

Summary of Disclosure Policy

Ryoden is engaged in information disclosure according to the Tokyo Stock Exchange regulation for timely disclosure. Information disclosure is carried out according to the regulation through the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) after first presenting an explanation to TSE. Disclosed information will be published on our website as promptly as possible. However, please be advised that such publication of disclosed information may be delayed due to technical preparation of PDF flies and other related tools. Furthermore, Ryoden will carry out the disclosure towards investors in a precise and fair manner through appropriate means in light of the principles set forth in the Timely Disclosure regulations concerning information to which the regulations do not apply. Please refer to our website as well as the TDnet and other sources of information if you wish to see disclosed information of Ryoden.

This website is designed for those who wish to search for information about Ryoden on the internet, however, in present situation, Ryoden considers such disclosure of information through the use of information and communication technologies as a supplemental tool for information disclosure. Therefore, please note that not all of the information disclosed by Ryoden may be posted on the website, and information on this website may slightly differ in expression from that disclosed through other media.

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