Involvement with SDGs

Selected Seven Focus Goals to Promote

The Ryoden Corporation Group seeks to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society through environment, security and safety, so we do not exaggerate when we say that our SDGs-driven initiatives underpin the very foundation of our business activities. The Group has selected seven goals to focus on most earnestly and we are currently working to solve various social issues in ways that intimately link those goals and our business activities.

Our Approach to the SDGs

The SDGs clarify specific social issues, and, as such, they indicate the exact areas that we should be focusing on in our entire Group business activities or the direction we should be taking. The Ryoden Group’s Management Philosophy and Guidelines for Action agenda often coincide with the SDGs. We would even say that the activities designed to solve issues under the SDGs framework are often the very business activities that we are also striving to attain. We consider the SDGs to be an important factor in the sustainable development of our business activities, so we constantly strive to deepen the relationship between our business activities and the SDGs in order to help solve social issues.

Framework for Promoting SDGs

We established our SDGs Promotion Committee to reflect SDGs initiatives in our Group strategy and management and to pursue social value and economic value in tandem. The Committee, which is chaired by the director in charge of supervising environmental and quality-related areas and comprises representatives from each business division, works closely with the Executive Committee when promoting activities.

Framework for Promoting SDGs

Selecting Important SDGs for our Business Activities

In order to further clarify our response to solving social issues, we selected seven SDGs that are the most important and relevant to Ryoden Group business activities. We considered a comprehensive range of factors when selecting those goals, including the degree of importance in relation to our business activities, the focus areas of our medium-term management plan, and the perspectives of various stakeholders.

Each business division examined the relevance of the SDGs to their business activities, and selected priority SDGs.
Our medium-term management plan focuses on the environment, security, and safety, so we compared and confirmed the SDGs included as specific examples of these focus areas and the selected priority SDGs.
We selected the SDGs that could be applied across our different businesses and were the most important to our business, and the most relevant from the perspective of social issues and our stakeholders.
In addition to our focus areas, we have added Smart Agriculture Business (and other agricultural businesses), in which we have been working hard uniquely as a company to add value, to the goals as one of the important SDGs in our special businesses.

Selected SDGs

All seven of the SDGs that we selected are highly important issues both to society and to our Group business activities. We believe that aiming to achieve these goals will enable us to better help realize a sustainable society and achieve further growth as a company.

Selected SDGs

Relationship between Business Activities and SDGs

Relationship between Business Activities and SDGs

Internal Communications

Communication is being promoted at each stage in order to permeate the SDGs activities.

SDGs Management Seminar (March 2021)

We held seminars for upper management (company directors and executives) presented by external experts and centered on the themes of “Overview of SDGs,” “SDGs Management,” and “The Mindset for Sustainable Initiatives.”
Participants exchanged opinions on the content and deepened their understanding of the relationship between management and SDGs.

e-Learning for Employees (1st Round: February 2021, 2nd Round: October 2021, Overseas: September 2021)

All employees in Japan attended the 1st Round which was held with the objective of acquiring basic knowledge of SDGs and focused on the themes of “Why SDGs Now?” “What are SDGs?” “The Age When Non-performance Creates Risk” and “SDGs are Full of Appeal.”
The 2nd Round was conducted for the benefit of all employees based in Japan and overseas and featured the themes of “What are SDGs?” “Social Trends in SDGs,” and “Case Studies of SDGs Initiatives” and included the relationship between ESG and sustainability.

Orientation Meeting for Management About “Our Company’s SDGs Initiatives” (November 2021)

The meeting shared information with management (section chiefs and above), including the relationship between the company’s management philosophy, guidelines for action, and SDGs, as well as the relationship between business activities and SDGs and the objectives of SDGs within business activities.
Its objective is to make business activities and SDGs contribution activities “relatable” and stimulate communication.

Promoting Understanding through Internal Communication

We established the “SDGs Corner” in the company newsletter (Ryosho News) to appear four times a year starting in April 2021 and are providing information in installments.