Quality Initiatives

Basic Philosophy on Quality

Quality is the basic value the Ryoden Group provides through its products, services and sales activities. It is the bedrock on which rests the trust the Ryoden Group earns from society and its business partners. It is a universal truth that customers demand quality, even as globalization enables the delivery of ever cheaper products. To meet that demand, the Ryoden Group works tirelessly to improve quality. All Group managers and employees consistently dedicate themselves to quality and convey that dedication to the next generation, putting into practice the Group’s management philosophy of “earning the trust of business partners through sincere business activities and advanced technology.”

Quality Policy

  • Ryoden does more than merely comply strictly with all laws and regulations governing quality. We listen sincerely to the demands of society and work hard to earn the trust of customers and communities through every aspect of our business activities.
  • Ryoden sets targets for each of its business units and frames specific measures to meet them, in a process of continuous improvement.
  • To improve still further on its exceptional record on quality, Ryoden coordinates actively with suppliers, partners and affiliates to pursue improvement.
  • When working with new business partners, Ryoden clearly defines each company’s areas of responsibility, proposing new business opportunities in the process.
  • Ryoden conveys this quality policy to all Ryoden Group employees, providing training and raising awareness so that employees can put the policy into practice.
  • The Group publishes the Basic Philosophy on Quality and Quality Policy to the general public, in both paper and electronic form.

Nobuo Shogaki

President, Ryoden Corporation

January 1, 2018