Environmental Policy

Environmental Basic Philosophy

Ryoden Group understands that we own global environment with future people, so the succession of better global environment to next generation is our great subject, and also positive concern to global environment is our important mission in operation.
Ryoden, as a technical business firm, develops our business to numbers of fields that are environment, construction, factory automation, semiconductor, electronic device, and so on. While implementing our management philosophy that is including “Operation for social contribution and customer confidence”, we carry out action for environment as one of most important issue.
Ryoden positively promote deals of parts, products, system, and service that are considered for environment. Also we make much effort toward reducing the environmental load by our operation, managing chemical substances, and concerning to biological diversity.

Environmental Policy

Ryoden Group makes an effort for continuous improvement of environment management system that is constructed and managed based on basic philosophy about global environment maintenance.
We will implement our operation according to the following policy.

We observe environmental laws and respond to social or customer request on environmental maintenance.
  • 1) Reducing of environmental load such as reduction of greenhouse gas emission by adopting environment management system
  • 2) Appropriate reporting managed on chemical substances management system
  • 3) Enhancement of contribution to society with considering biological diversity
We perform the following items as important environmental themes and review them regularly.
  • 1) Positive dealing of parts, products, system, solutions, and service that are effective in environmental maintenance
  • 2) Thoroughgoing environmental management of offices and cars, restraint / proper control / proper disposal
    of wastes, implementing effective action for saving energy / saving resources / prevention of environmental pollution
  • 3) Preliminarily planed positively investment to reduce environmental load in all-round equipments required on job
We thoroughly inform Environmental Basic Philosophy and Environmental Policy to all
employees and all people mainly engaged to Ryoden. And we carry out education and
enlightenment for all employees to recognize and implement this.
Environmental Policy will be reviewed regularly and revised in case of need.
We inform our policy and related information to our supplier / subcontractor / subsidiary,
and then we pursue greenhouse gas reduction in whole supply chain with spirit of co-creation and cooperation.
Ordinary people can show our Environmental Basic Philosophy and Environmental Policy
by publication or Internet.

July 1st 2017
Nobuo Shogaki

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