Management Philosophy and Guidelines for Action

Ryoden carries out business activities through management grounded in its Management Philosophy and the Ryoden Group Guidelines for Action, as described below.

Management Philosophy

  • We respond to societal changes, strive for the stability and development of our corporate management and contribute to the communities in which we do business.
  • By conducting business sincerely and providing leading-edge technologies, we justify the trust of our customers.
  • We respect the dignity and individuality of each employee, cultivating people with high degrees of professional skill, commitment to innovation and creativity.

With these three principles as our spiritual support, we are striving to be a Company that can prevail in each era.

Guidelines for Action

The Ryoden Group Guidelines for Action express the Management Philosophy in more specific terms, so that all managers and employees can use them as a guide in their daily actions as they carry out the business activities of the Group. The Guidelines for Action are also reflected in the management and internal systems of each Group company.
We use the Guidelines for Action to furnish appropriate criteria for judgement and clarify our stance as a Group that strictly abides by ethical norms, laws and rules. At the same time, we govern our daily actions by the Guidelines for Action, so that we can find common values as a corporate Group, renew the spiritual features and culture of the Group, and develop further as a corporate brand that is trusted more than ever by the communities it serves.

We strictly comply with laws and regulations.
  • In all our business activities, we place top priority on compliance with laws and regulations and never stray from our ethical principles.
  • We maintain sound relationships with political and administrative authorities, confronting antisocial behavior with a resolute attitude, never condoning or permitting it.
  • We actively publish corporate information appropriately and promptly, striving to maintain transparent management.
We aim for profitable growth.
  • All managers and employees fulfill their responsibilities, aiming for profitable growth of corporate operations.
  • Ryoden serves as a system coordinator with a customer-first spirit, strengthening customers’ technological capabilities and upgrading their management infrastructure.
  • We apprise market needs accurately from a medium to long-term perspective as we open up new markets and fields of endeavor.
  • We strive to boost corporate value.
Ryoden fulfills its responsibilities to society as a global enterprise.
  • Ryoden respects human rights. We never discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, disability or other, similar traits.
  • We do our best to gain a correct understanding of the religions, ideas and cultures of other countries and regions. Complying strictly with laws and regulations, we contribute to the development of each country through the growth of our business.
  • Ryoden takes care to cultivate in its employees an awareness of social responsibility and respects employees’ activities to contribute to society.
  • We vigorously participate in activities to preserve the environment.
Ryoden establishes its own approach, by which it builds a dynamic organization.
  • Each individual thinks deeply about each task to establish his or her own stance and takes action on his or her own initiative.
  • We respect mutual communication as a means of sharing information.
  • We invigorate our organization to speed up business activities.
We pursue self-enlightenment, with respect for people’s dignity and individuality and a high sense of purpose.
  • We strive to improve our morals and decorum as working adults of sound character, respecting each other’s dignity and individuality.
  • Enthusiastically pursuing self-enlightenment with a high sense of purpose, we burnish our specialized knowledge and skills and nurture our creativity.
  • Bringing our independence of will and action to bear to achieve self-actualization, we value a spirit of gratitude and consideration toward the people, organizations and society around us.
Our managers and directors take the initiative in fulfilling their roles.
  • Ryoden promotes corporate governance that is profitable and sufficient for its management.
  • We take the initiative in proposing policies and measures and implement them thoroughly in our own departments.
  • We tackle the challenges of innovation with courage, accomplishing difficult tasks to set an example for others to follow.
  • Drawing on the uniqueness and capabilities of all employees, we cultivate personnel who can contribute to the development of our business.
  • Ryoden evaluates people fairly and strives to improve the quality of its management.
  • Strongly recognizing that it is our own responsibility to comply strictly with these Ryoden Group Guidelines for Action, we carefully ensure that they are understood and followed by all members of our organization.