Environmental Activities Report

Enhancement of initiatives for creating a Low Carbon Society

Eco-office activities

  • Reducing the amount of electricity used
  • Improving fuel efficiency of company cars

Business activities

  • Reinforcing environmental solution businesses
  • Reinforcing energy management system businesses

Enhancement of initiatives for creating a Sound Material-Cycle Society

  • "3R" approach through activities to eliminate garbage
  • Use of forest recyclable paper

Promotion of activites that contribute to a society considerate of biodiversity

  • Global environment preservation activities at the office
    E.g: Participation in the "Welcome clean" strategy in Songjiang district

Approach to globalization

  • Expand range of ISO14001 certification acquisition in overseas sales offices
  • Improve management of chemical substances contained in products

    In addition to supporting formats requested by customers (AIS, JGP, JAMA etc.), we aim to transmit information smoothly by supporting JAMP-IT and IMDS.

Topics Reinforcing the energy management system business We have started the business of selling electricity, through solar power generation. Achieve energy management system, such as remote monitoring etc. (Demo location for remote monitoring on the first floor of the head office) Our group is not only reducing environmental load through our office activities, we are also reducing the environmental load of customers' systems through our environmental solutions and energy management system businesses.

Sustainability Report

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