Mid-term Management Plan

CE2018 Challenge & Evolution 2018 Aiming for A Century Business

Ryoden Group is enhancing its business as “Global Solution Provider”, adjusting to the changing business environment. By getting close to the customers and creating values based on their needs, we’re aiming to increase our existence value for the customers as well as for the market, and thus improve the profitability of our business.
In our new mid-term management plan “CE2018” commenced in FY2016, Ryoden Group is reforming its business style for pursuing added value while capturing the various customers’ needs and aims to be a company contributing to society by providing advanced technology.


All employees become "Global Solution Provider" and continue to create and provide unique added value for clients.

Business Promotion
By closely working with clients, propose the best solutions in collaboration with partner company which has mutual trust relationships
Human Resource Development
Foster global human resources with high sensitivity and emotion by enhancing communication ability
Social Contribution
As a real global company, contribute to happy life of people who are related to the development of local community besides a quest for profit

Corporate strategic themes for CE2018

Operation of Customer Value Creation Business Model
Completely transform our marketing style and structure to realize a customer value creation business model focused on market and customer needs. By establishing the Ryoden Advanced Technology Center (RTC), continue to provide added value underpinned by advanced and high-quality technology corresponding to various issues of the customers cultivated by front-line sales representatives.
Formulation of Global Partners Network
Enhance customer satisfaction by maintaining communication with customers, identifying customer needs, and providing the optimum solutions with partners. To conduct sales activities together with partners and cultivate closer and deeper relationships with customers, transition to a customer-centric organizational structure rooted in the community. Realize profitable and sustainable growth by transforming all employees of the Ryoden Group into global solution providers and accelerating implementation of a customer/community-based global business strategy.
Promotion of Development of Global Human Resources
Systematically develop human resources throughout the Group so that all Ryoden Group employees can enhance their communication abilities in response to changes and their marketing abilities to predict future opportunities, and thus become self-motivated human resources with high sensitivity, inspiration and business development skills capable of continuing to challenge to build new business.
Enhancement of the Group’s Consolidated Profitability
Optimize the business portfolio through strategic investment in growth fields and markets, establishment of efficient operation at a global level and monitoring of investment effect. Aim at realization of long-term value creation not only for the Group but also for customers and partners who constitute the Ryoden Business Gateway.
Promotion of Governance Management
Fulfill corporate social responsibility by strengthening governance management throughout the Ryoden Group in addition to continuing thorough compliance. Satisfy explicit and latent expectations from global and regional society from the perspective of ESG (environment, society and governance) as a company capable of prevailing in the future.

Focused promoting SBU

Considering the rapid expansion of IoT/M2M and our core competence of "network/sensing/analysis", Ryoden focuses on 5 business areas to provide totally-optimized solutions from client-oriented perspectives.

  • EMS/Conservation of the environment
  • HVAC
  • Safety/Security
  • Building management
  • Production facilities (Process management)


While continuing to create new businesses, Ryoden Group aims to combine the growth in the above areas of focus with the asset which is our existing core businesses. We will also keep up with changing customer needs and market situations in a drive to advance our business.

Objectives of our divisions

Factory Automation Division

The Factory Automation Division’s IT technologies such as Industry 4.0 will dramatically improve the frontline of manufacturing. Together with its partner companies, the division will promote a proposal-focused marketing approach aimed at the development of big data.

Healthcare Division

The Healthcare Division aims to expand its business by proposing solutions using EC sites. It will strive to strengthen ties with customers and partners in the medical consulting business.

Cooling & Heating Division

Essential for air conditioning under severe conditions, the Cooling & Heating Division’s industrial cooling and heating technology is attracting attention from a range of markets. The division plans to expand the area of its business and activities by offering more advanced technologies.

Devices Division

Providing the core technologies for products spanning many industries, the Devices Division will create unique value by developing a wide range of communication items and modules.

Building Division

The Building Division will promote IT solutions to solve the operational challenges faced by a variety of facilities. It aims to improve its earning power by strengthening high value-added items such as building automation.

Goals for the final year (FY2018)

  • Net sales
    ¥270 billion
  • Operating Profit
    ¥10 billion
  • Operating Profit to net sales
  • ROE