Management Principle/Business Activities

Ryoden's business activities are founded on the following Management Principle and Ryoden Company Behavior Principles.

Management Principle

A good company is constantly in search for a better relationship with its employees, management and the society with a strong spirit which makes the core of its philosophy in this age of rapid change. Companies that evolve according to the needs of the time will survive and thrive.

Ryoden has set the following three themes as our new Management Principle:

  • Act through sincere marketing activities and the supply of progressive technology, to win the trust and expectations of customers.
  • Address the changes in society, striving for stability and progress in corporate management, while contributing to the community.
  • Respect the character and individuality of each employee, nurturing human resources high in specialization, innovative spirit and creativity.

Ryoden aspires to be a winning company of the time with the above mentioned guiding spirit as the core of its philosophy.

Business Activities

Ryoden Company Behavior Principles are a set of more specific guidelines for action reflecting the Management Principles, for all members of management and employees for conducting their daily business operations. The Behavior Principles will also be reflected in the management as well as various regulatory systems of the company.
The Behavior Principles provide a set of criteria for each employee in making fair judgments, and clearly define the position of the company to adhere to the ethics, and laws and regulations. Ryoden will act according to the Behavior Principles in order to establish common values for the company, revitalize its corporate climate and culture, and to develop the company and the Ryoden Company Group into a corporate brand which can gain firm trust of the society.

Adhere to laws and regulations
・Adhere to laws and regulations as a priority in all business activities. No action ethically unacceptable will be tolerated.
・Maintain healthy relationship with the political field and government administration. Anti-social conducts will be treated with strictness and will not be tolerated.
・Publicize appropriate and latest corporate information proactively and maintain transparency.
Aim for growth with profit
・Aim for growth with profit in company business with each and every member of management and employees taking responsibilities.
・Act according to the customer-oriented spirit, and strive to improve technology and management infrastructure as a system coordinator.
・Grasp the changing needs of the market with a mid to long-term perspective, and develop new market and new field of business.
・Improve shareholder value.
Take responsibility towards the society as a global company
・Respect human rights and do not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, disabilities and other related aspects.
・Ensure sound understanding of local religions, ideologies and cultures in each country and region, adhere to the local laws and regulations, and contribute to the development of each country and region through the pursuit of business activities.
・Promote a sense of responsibility towards the society among employees, and respect employee activities for philanthropy.
・Promote environmental protection activities proactively.
Individuals should create their own views, and together create an energetic organization.
・Each individual should deepen his/her thinking, create his/her own views, and act independently.
・Respect interactive communication and ensure sharing of information.
・Activate the organization and speed up business activities.
Ensure respect toward the individual’s personality and uniqueness, and engage in personal development to attain high goals.
・Ensure improvement of morals and manners as a sensible individual, and respect personality and individuality of others.
・Engage in proactive self-development to attain high goals, enhance expertise and skills, and nurture creativity.
・Act independently and engage in self-realization, while nurturing a sense of gratitude and consideration towards other individuals, organizations and the society.
Management and the managers should fulfill their responsibilities.
・Promote the development of corporate governance which is beneficial and adequate for business management.
・Develop policies and measures with their own initiative, and follow through within their responsible sections.
・Take risks to pursue innovative challenges, and take the lead in handling difficult tasks.
・Bring out the individuality and ability of each employee and develop human resources which can contribute to the development of business activities.
・Ensure fair evaluation and improve the quality of management.
・Recognize well his/her own responsibility to adhere to the Ryoden Company Behavior Principles, and ensure that the Behavior Principles are well understood among other members.