Message from the President

Be a 未来 - Creator as Your Partner  Since its founding in 1947, Ryoden Corporation has constantly responded to changes in the market and region, and flexibly expanded its businesses. Now, as customers promote the diversification/globalization of management, Ryoden is also taking dramatic evolutionary steps forward.

Ryoden's evolution, based on the concept that “Reality is on the Frontline”, means stepping further than ever before into the business areas of our partners, primarily our customers, and pursuing the issues to solve on a global perspective in order to become a company capable of proposing solutions. Further, it means Ryoden itself becoming an irreplaceable partner for customers.

The greatest strength of Ryoden - a solutions provider - exists in its partners or its customers. The suppliers and customers that the Ryoden Group has come across in its history to date number more than 2,000 companies. The experience and know-how and the various and vast information acquired from all these companies are some of Ryoden’s most valuable assets. Based on these assets, Ryoden will provide new products, technologies and systems - in short, new solutions - to all its partners.

Prominent presence in Japan is another strength of Ryoden. To date, Ryoden has received high evaluations from customers for its high-quality service using its creditworthiness, value-added services and networking capabilities. Moving forward, we will further strengthen our service system in Japan and pursue services with unprecedented high levels of customer satisfaction.

Ryoden’s strength in Japan is also linked to global expansion of its solutions. In Asia, the major market overseas, Ryoden has established strategic offices in Shanghai and Singapore, and businesses using the valuable information and team collaboration of subsidiaries in the U.S.A. and Europe are progressing. We are also continuing to deploy technical personnel and foster global human resources capable of accepting diverse cultures, thereby making it possible to propose solutions which fuse information, technology and proposal capabilities and which are unique to Ryoden.

Ryoden will continue to evolve as a "Global Solutions Provider," and contribute to the growth of all of its partners worldwide.

Nobuo Shogaki