Medium-term Management Plan ICHIGAN 2024


Our Target State in 2050

As a 100-year corporate Group, the Ryoden Group contributes to the achievement of a sustainable society by serving the environment, peace of mind and safety

We, the Ryoden Group, set forth our Environmental Vision in April 2020.
We aim to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in all our business activities.


Target state (Ryoden after 5 years)

Ryoden is continuously creating new value as a business-creating company that exceeds the traditional boundaries of dealerships and trading companies.

Each of our employees is a business-model creator, working tirelessly to create new value in the course of business activities.
Ryoden is a uniquely dynamic and proactive company.

  • Contributing to society
    Ryoden does more than merely seek to maximize earnings. As a truly global enterprise, we contribute to fulfilling lives for everyone involved in the development of global society.
  • Business activities that start with the customer
    Working with partners on the basis of mutual trust, we improve customer value by engaging in detailed dialogue with customers to determine their true needs.
  • Development of global personnel
    Respecting the dignity and individuality of each person, we cultivate a global workforce with a self-starting, self-reliant spirit, capable of tackling every challenge with sensitivity and discernment.
  • Pioneers in niche businesses
    Leveraging its strengths in its areas of expertise (manufacturing technology, vehicle-mounted systems, imaging, communications and HVAC), Ryoden has created a niche for itself as a specialist in these fields.
  • A dynamic and supportive corporate culture
    We cultivate a workplace culture in which people of different workstyles and roles can work together toward shared goals and values, tackling challenges without fear.

Transition to a New Medium-term Management Plan

Tradition and Progress

As a 100-year Company, Ryoden inherits a tradition of continually reinventing itself. We are constantly advancing to reach the next stage.

Ichigan 2024 Advancement of DX “Building a Growth Business Creation Cycle” Relentless innovation without fear of change

Strategic Themes

Advancement of digital transformation (DX)

  • Three growth engines
  1. 1.Establishment of business models for growth businesses and creation of next-generation new businesses
  2. 2.Improving productivity in core businesses
  3. 3.Strengthening the platform for business advancement
Maximization of income

Strategic Pillars

1. Establishment of business models for growth businesses and creation of next-generation new businesses

2. Improving productivity in core businesses

3. Strengthening the platform for business advancement

  • ・Cultivation of global personnel
  • ・Strengthening of global governance

Key Fields for Advancement

Society 5.0 for SDGs

Management Targets

¥10 billion or more