Quality Control

Quality Matching Service

Quality Matching Service is a business in which we respond to customers' requests to procure inexpensive products with stable quality. In doing so, we seek out reasobaly priced products, provide them to the customer and offer guidance on how to improve manufacturing and management methods in order to reach the desired level of quality.To ensure stable quality after delivery begins, our overseas bases can conduct inspections upon request.

1. Understanding Customers' Needs

After fully understanding the request made by a customer, we search for the product desired. We make our judgment based on a mid-term perspective, considering whether or not the companies making the product can provide it at the quality desired and if inspection is required after delivery, and then narrow down the candidates.

2. Improving Manufacturing Quality

We check the quality control conditions of prospective manufacturers.
If there are any points lacking, we request them to make improvements and create managment system that will prevent the occurrence of foreseeable quality problems and enable theim to continuously provide high-quality products.

3. Confirming Quality Inspections Before Delivery

We periodically conduct audits to confirm that the quality provided by manufacturers remains stable.
Additionally, to check whether or not the quality is continuously stable, sometimes we perform quality inspections before delivery to the customer.

Introduction to Ryosho Inspection Center (RIC)

Location: Songjiang District, Shanghai City (DHL supply chain within Songjiang District)