Electronic Devices / Industrial Systems


Dream power evolution of power semiconductors realizing the future electronics.

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. has a series of original technologies that convert power, stabilize it and change it to light. Our business area focuses on power electronics that work as the core of various electronics devices, converting electricity so that it suits the features of the device and drives the load efficiently. We also produce power semiconductors, optoelectronic products, power module (PMs) and power systems (PSs). Boasting a wide range of technologies, Sanken Electric is ready to provide a total solution for virtually any problem through combining plural technologies like no other company can do. To utilize this overwhelming strength, we focus on developing new products that offer high added-value, developing new markets based on marketing, and developing new applications by being close to our customers.


Regulator ICs / Motor Driver ICs / Driver ICs / Hall IC
Power transistors / MOSFET / various types of Arrays
Thyristors / Triacs
Diodes (Rectifier / Fast-Recovery Rectifier / Ultra-Fast-Recovery Rectifier / Schottky Barrier / high-Voltage rectifier / Power Zener) / Silicon Varistors
LED Lighting / Surface Mount LED
Switching Power Supplies (Custom / Semi-custom / General-purpose) / AC Adapters