Electronic Devices / Industrial Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Extensive know-how accumulated through progressive technology and 50 years of experience --- Mitsubishi Electric is a reliable solutions partner.

Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductors is one of the leading manufacturers with the longest history among our clients, boasting its technological capacity, high-quality products and high brand-name value. Mitsubishi Electric provides the best solutions to meet customers needs utilizing the world's leading cutting-edge production technologies and the know-how of various fields gained as a manufacturer of consumer electronics.
Mitsubishi Electric is aiming to become a leading company for semiconductor products in specific fields such as power devices, high-frequency optical devices, TFT-LCD modules, etc., all of which are capable of demonstrating advantages for technologies and products. Based on technology innovation, Mitsubishi Electric is pioneering the market, aiming for stable business development that has the trust of society.


Power Devices IPMs, DIP-IPMs, IGBT Modules, etc
HVIC High Voltage IC
Transistor Arrays  
Sensors Pressure Sensor, Acceleration Sensors
High-frequency devices GaN High Frequency Devices, GaAs High Frequency Devices, Silicon RF Devices
Optical Devices Laser Diode for Industry & Display, Optical Fiber Communication Devices
LD/PD modules
TFT LCD modules Thim-film-transistor liquid-crystal display

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation